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LG Career

A company that continues to grow while
providing value for a better life based on innovation

At LG Electronics, we strongly believe that the growth of our employees is closely linked to the growth of the company.

To help our employees achieve both individual and organizational growth, we operate our Job Training Program as part of the Company’s employee training system. Employees establish their own Career Development Program (CDP), which is followed up by the 1:1 Caring System, and complete training programs to meet their needs.

LG Electronics ’s 1:1 Caring Process

  1. Counseling

    1:1 Counseling with manager

  2. Planning

    Create customized career
    development plan

  3. Job Training

    LG Group-wide training
    Job-specific training
    External training

  4. Staffing

    Job rotation

1:1 Caring is all about providing employees with the guidance, training and tools needed for long-term success.
At LG, we don’t just ask you where you want to be in 5 years - we help you get there.

Targeted Development

Underscoring our belief in the value of learning and development, LG Electronics established a Business Function College for each of our 14 business functions offering more than 800 on and offline courses. For our best performers, we have further developed our HIPO (High Potential) program, through which we identify future leaders early on and offer active training, mentoring and support.

The image of people joining hands describes the value LG places in diversity and teamwork

Valuing the different perspective essential to success, LG Electronics strives to ensure that we hire and retain individuals based solely on the quality of their talent, ambition, ideas, and results. To make this happen, LG Electronics established and declared a labor policy against discrimination, facilitating an environment in which individuals with diverse values and beliefs can work together as a team.

LG Electronics employees come from all walks of life and their diverse backgrounds reflect our truly international character

  • 142

    Global Operations

  • 396

    City locations in
    80 countries

  • 109


  • 61

    Primary Languages

We’re making every effort to create a working environment where social minorities are respected and not subjected to discrimination or any inconvenience based on our company’s belief that such a working environment leads to greater competitiveness.