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LG Career

Our creative and driven employees are
proof that life’s good at LG


At LG, we maintain our high standards of excellence by identifying, hiring, and retaining the "Right People".

Who are the "Right People"? They are challenge-seekers following their dreams with the creativity and drive to perform at the highest level. Committed and enthusiastic team players. Constant innovators who put customers first. Keen thinkers who are armed with both professionalism and a desire to take an active role on the global stage. And people with integrity who value the LG Way.

The Right People

  1. Challenge-seekers following their dreams

  2. Driven and creative team players

  3. Constant innovators who put customers first

  4. People with integrity who value the LG Way


From product development to customer support, LG is constantly innovating and creating customer value.
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As one of the world's largest, most respected brands of consumer electronics, LG offers opportunities to provide elegantly designed, efficient, cost-effective products for consumer and business markets. Whether in the consumer or business category, our sales teams play a key role in bringing value to customers.


Imagine the impact your work can have as you promote extremely popular and effective LG Electronics products in markets throughout the globe. You'll also be promoting a more convenient, enjoyable way of life for countless individuals everywhere within the growing markets we serve on five continents.


Producing top quality, state-of-the-art consumer electronics products is a team effort. From assembly to quality control, your skill and dedication will help bring the world’s most innovative technology to homes around the world.


From the world’s first twin washer to the first rollable OLED TV, LG Electronics is constantly innovating. Working on the most exciting technical challenges at our R&D centers around the world, your expert knowledge and creativity will contribute to developing breakthrough technology improving the lives of customers.


Can you envision innovative, effective electronics products and bring them to life with smart, efficient execution? Join our engineering team in any number of roles, and set your most important ideas in motion through our full line of consumer and business electronics products in a wide variety of categories.


LG Electronics’ products such as our Signature lineup combine technical innovation with excellent design. Unleash your creativity and understanding of customer needs as you design products that are intuitive, functional and beautiful.


Within this team, you might find yourself working in the field as a service technician as they travel from home to home making repairs and adjustments to LG products or supporting customer service requests. At LG, customers come first and your work will play a big part in helping them enjoy our products to the fullest.

Business Support

How does a global corporation strike the perfect balance of growth and stability essential to long-term success? We employ the skills of a broad range of talented professionals who work behind the scenes in such diverse areas as supply chain management, procurement, business planning, HR, PR, finance, accounting, legal and compliance.


LG Electronics applies the same recruitment principles in all its offices worldwide. Applicants should consult, first, one of our recruitment postings. Follow the instructions to ensure your application is received by our Human Resources Department. Once received, we will review all the application materials and determine if your experience and skills are ideal for the role. Final candidates will pass through one or several follow-up interviews or tests depending on the position.


    The first step is sending us your application. Check the job posting to find out what information is needed and whom to send it to.


    Your application is intriguing and we would like to meet you for an interview. Your recruiting manager will let you know the details.

  3. 3.FOLLOW-UP

    Follow-up interviews, technical or professional assessments are a chance to get to know each other better. The number and format of interviews can vary depending on position.


    Welcome to LG! We look forward to having you join our team.

The detailed application process for each position is provided in the recruitment posting.
To find the right role for you, please refer to Workplaces to see our openings.

Career FAQ's

Below you'll find answers to an array of frequently asked questions
about LG Electronics' job application process.

To find our job postings, go to the “Locations” section and find the subsidiary you are interested in. The “find a job” button will take you to the respective location’s job postings. Applicants should consult, first, one of our recruitment postings. Follow the instructions to ensure your application is received by our Human Resources Department.
LG Electronics is always looking for the "Right People" to join the team. Who are the “Right People”? We value creative and innovative team players with the integrity to follow the LG Way and the drive to seek out challenge.
LG Electronics uses the same recruitment process in all its offices worldwide. Applicants should first consult one of our recruitment postings. Follow the instructions to ensure your application is received by our Human Resources Department. Once received, we will review all the application materials and decide on next steps. Depending on the position and country we may require an additional form of assessment before moving to the interview stage.
We do not filter or limit applications based on previous application results.
LG Electronics is a global corporation that continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Joining our company offers great opportunities for personal and professional growth. In addition, as the company grows, you will be encouraged to develop and improve your own skills. Various incentives are offered according to individual performance results, which motivates employees in their jobs.
LG Electronics provides a variety of opportunities for self-development. We offer various internal educational courses and online assistance to support the self-development of our employees. In addition, employees who excel in assessments may have the opportunity to enroll in external programs, trainings or participate in other development opportunities.